The Ultimate Guide To Writing A Personal Statement


The students who pass middle school are promoted to high school. It is a period when they experience many new things in their lives. Physically they also go through a significant transformation when they become adults. It is a time when all have dreams, dreams to become successful and professional. During the final year of high school, students become adults with a new vision. A vision to achieve something in life, a vision to avail scholarship, or a vision to take admission in college. Every high school student sets their priorities for future life, but nothing can be achieved without hard work.

There is no doubt that students work hard and try to achieve good grades, but they fall behind in their personal life. Such students should focus on doing smart work rather than hard work. By doing smart work, a student can focus on multi-tasking, and managing their personal and academic life. However, you should know that graduating from high school would not be the end of your academic career; rather, it would be a start. This is where the significance of a personal statement comes in where you need to express yourself in a few sentences. A personal statement does not have a definitive form, so you may need to get help from an essay writing service. It will not only guide you but also help you to achieve your purpose.

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You should know that the format of the personal statement includes a proper sequence. Without a suitable format, the reader might get confused when shifting from one idea to another, so it is essential. As you know, you have to write it in essay form, but the inclusion of certain information is critical. You will write it from top to bottom without any headings, but it should include personal information, academic achievements, your interests beyond the classroom, relevant experience, hobbies, and interests, followed by a conclusion. 


A proper format to follow.

  1.     Introduction: The statement is part of your resume, and you have already given all the necessary information about yourself in it. In this statement, you would tell your priorities about a particular goal. Whether it is for university admission or for a job, the introduction is essential. It would also include your purpose of studying a specific course at university.
  2.     Personal affiliation: The statement should attach to your personality, thus expressing your emotions. In this section, you should include your personal beliefs about the job or university. Sentiment does not mean that you talk big or brag about a certain situation. You must be careful in this section because you should only include relevant emotions and always remember that only a proper statement would help you to get admission or a job. The most appropriate way to achieve it is to hire an academic essay writer instead of making any potential mistakes.
  3.     Academics: In this section, you would discuss your academic goals after joining the university. The goal could be anything as long as it is related to your course study. It is a significant part of your statement as the admission office would know how you can contribute to a particular discipline after joining the university. If you are applying for university admission, then this part should cover 75% of your statement.
  4.     Futuristic goals: In this section, you tell the reader how much you have potential in certain areas. It may be the ability to write an excellent journal article in a reputed journal. It may also include how much you are capable of contributing to particular research.
  5.     Interests and Hobbies: For the reader's interest, you can also include your hobbies - but only in a sentence. However, you can link it to how a particular hobby has helped you focus on your academics.
  6.     Conclusion: The last part of your statement would be the conclusion. In this section, you will summarize all the points mentioned in the statement. You cannot include anything new as you have to be precise and coherent. But you can explain your goals, for example, postgraduate study and career paths.


Things to avoid in a personal statement

  1.     You cannot include famous quotes by activists like Nelson Mandela. The reader wants to know about you, not the third person. This is where I got confused and asked a professional writer to write my essay just for my guidance.
  2.     Your vocabulary should be simple as it would allow you to convey your message in fewer words. Try to avoid jargon as the reader would lose interest.
  3.     Your statement should be free from humor because it is subjective, and the reader might get the wrong idea from it. It is suitable for you to steer clear because the statement is a formal essay about yourself.  


Example: Personal statement for a job

Recent marketing master's graduate with a 3.1 CGPA for the University of Illinois, looking to secure a position as a Commercial Analyst. After securing this position, I would be able to utilize my knowledge and analytical skills. I believe Diamond Securities would help me to enhance my skills and abilities in a stock exchange.

In the long run, I would be able to secure my career goals to take responsibility for a smaller organization. Joining this company is very pivotal for me. In the future, I may be able to start my own company.


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